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Work in Schools & Private Tuition

The Bathford Primary School Diamond Jubilee Project

The Bathford Primary School Diamond Jubilee Project is a collaboration between the school and local Ceramic Artist Gary Wood. The Head Teacher at the school wanted Gary to work with the children and develop a project to celebrate The Queen’s special year. The children made clay tiles with drawings related to The Queen embedded in them; images such as crowns, Union Jack flags and The Queen of Diamonds playing card. These were then joined up and the Union Jack motif painted over the whole piece in coloured glazes. The tiles were then fired and joined together with wire like a tapestry. The finished piece of work is now permanently installed in the school.

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Freshford Primary School Wishing Well Project 2010

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Freshford Primary School Wishing Well Project is a collaboration between Gary Wood and pupils and staff from the school. It was funded by The Real Ideas Organisation. The project initially took the form of a series of questions thought up by Gary, to get the children thinking and talking, drawing, storytelling and making. One of the most popular questions asked by Gary and answered by the children was:
“If you could make one wish, what would it be?”
A lot of the answers to this question linked up with two other questions:
“If you had the power to make the world a better place, what would you do?”
“How can we take care of our planet?”
Things wished for included to put a stop to global warming, help to feed starving people, put an end to guns and wars and to beat poverty by making life equal for everyone.
Some slightly less serious wishes emerged, like the child who wished for an endless supply of wishes!
After much dialogue, writing, drawing and storytelling on the subject of wishing, we decided to make a Wishing Well, in which the children’s wishes would be kept safe. The children made numerous ceramic wishing coins which they glazed with bright colours. The well is now permanently installed in the school playground, and contains a gently bubbling fountain to refresh the wishes. Close to the well are numerous brightly painted ceramic Guardians, which look on and offer protection.


The Clay Narratives Project

Having worked with children and adults of all ages and abilities in the Bath area over many years, I am involved in a project which will help to develop children’s verbal communication through working with clay.
The Clay Narratives Project allows me to share my knowledge and experience of working in clay with teachers, parents and carers. Clay holds great potential for learning; 
it is a friendly, tactile material, which elicits both visual and verbal expression through touch. It has a calming, meditative effect on the nervous system. Clay artefacts produced by children will provoke stimulating, imaginative conversation during the making process. The alchemy of making something permanent through firing is an enriching experience, and will stir the imagination to do and say more.


For more information about this project, please contact Gary on: 01225 858888
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